Antari S-500

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Snömaskin, extra tyst, 1200W

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The S-500 is one of the best ever machine that Antari has developed. The complete accessories of this snow machine including a tank, and pipes can be neatly put into a flight case carryon compartment with wheels!
The S-500 has also included a 10 meters long flexible pipe to extend long or high for various purpose.
Unlike the traditional snow machine that need to put the entire machine high up. This special and new feature of S-500 can stay where it is and will not cause the inconvenience to replace liquid like older models heavier weight after added the liquid and put high.
Additionally, the 20 liter big tank capacity can be filled up to meet an entire evening of the full event without required an additional crew or efforts to add more liquid.
The included flexible pipe can go along with the (optional) Pan Motor (PM-1) to spread snow in a 120 degree wide scope angle to ensure the snow covered area 4 time larger than the previous traditional model.
Overall, this awesome machine has gathered silent in operation, wide angle and big volume snow outputs, cover wide range of area, big fuel tank, and mobility all nice features in one.

Power: AC230V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Consumption: 1,200W
Output: 400 ml / min
Tank Capacity: 20 liter
Weight: 37.2 Kg
Optional: PM-1, Wireless DMX
DMX On Board
Dimension(mm): 592 x 551 x 651
Recommended Liquid: Antari SL-5, SL-5N Snow / Foam Liquid, Antari SL-5A, SL-5AN Snow Liquid Premium


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