Arkaos Kling-Force LED

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Interface för styrning av LED strips

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  • 8-output LED Strip controller
  • Suitable for all popular models
  • 5 VDC up to 200 W (1600 LEDs) or 12 VDC up to 480 W (4800 LEDs)
  • 2 ethernet ports
  • Electrical safety

Kling-Force LED is an interface designed to drive LED strips. There are now many LED strips on the market with various densities, format and prices.
Kling-Force LED makes it easy and affordable to drive them from an ArKaos software acting as a media server.

The Kling-Force LED has 8 outputs and supports the most popular LED strips on the market. It distributes up to 40 Amp of power to those LED strips.
The power supply is external, so that the user can choose 5 or 12 V based on his installation. At 5 V power can reach 200 W and at 12 V it can reach 480 W. The interface distributes the power without converting it, otherwise it would dissipate too much heat. The output voltage must always match the input voltage, as the interface will not convert between 12 V and 5 V.
The interface also provides some electronic surge protection that will cut if the output drains too much power or if there is a faulty wiring such as a short circuit. The interface will also detect when the conditions are back to normal and will start powering again the LEDs automatically.

Kling-Force has 2 Ethernet connections to daisy-chain multiple Kling-Force interfaces.

Kling-Force LED can power up to 1600 (8×200) LEDs or drive up to 3200 (8×400) LEDs if strips are directly powered.
Each output is limited to 5 Amp, so the number of LEDs depend on the LED strip specification.


Control Mode: Kling-Net

Power Supply: 5-12 VDC
Power Consumption: 480
Output Current (A): 40
Power Connector in: Terminal
Power Connector out: Terminal
Data Connector in: RJ45
Data Connector out: RJ45

Length (mm): 190
Width (mm): 130
Height (mm): 39
Weight: 0.48
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Metal
Colour: Black


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