Artecta Argos LED Panel 60×60 4000 K

590 kr

LED Panel som kan monteras i akustiktak, 60 x 60cm, 4000K

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  • 60 x 60 cm LED panel (1.97 x 197 ft)
  • Suitable for office (UGR< 19)
  • Efficient light output (40 W – 3752 lumen)
  • Available in 3000 K and 4000 K
  • Equipped with an LED-driver

The Argos LED panels with UGR<19 are of high quality and are particularly suitable for office work and public spaces. You can think of rooms with computers, schools, hospitals and dental practices. A big advantage is that the front plate works as a diffuser. As a result, you will not be blinded by the LEDs when looking at the panel.

This 40 watt LED panel has a surface of 60 x 60 cm and is suitable for common grid ceiling sizes. They can therefore be easily integrated. With up to 140 lumens per watt, the Argos LED panels have a very efficient light output. This makes replacing traditional fluorescent lighting with these LED panels a smart investment. In addition, the panels are equipped with an LED driver. This allows for a quick and easy installation.

The Argos LED Panels are available in different versions. You can choose for either a 3000 K or 4000 K colour temperature. They also come in different sizes.


Light Source Type: LED
Light Source Quantity: 64
Light Source Power: 40 W
LED Colour Type: NW
Lux @ 2m: 444 lx
Lumen Total: 3805 lm
Lumen White: 3805 lm
CRI: 83
CCT: 4000 K

UGR: <19

Dimmable: No

Power Supply: 220V-240 VAC 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 40 W
Power Connector in: Terminal
Driver: Included

Length (mm): 595 mm
Height (mm): 34 mm
Width (mm): 595 mm
Weight: 1.88 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Metal, Plastic
Colour: White
Mounting Depth: 34 mm


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