Artecta Play-XV RF Receiver

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Controller/Reciever för att styra RGB(W) LED miljöbelysning

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  • 4-channel LED (strip) RF receiver
  • Suitable for 4x single colour, 2x tunable white or 1x RGB(W)
  • 12–36 VDC / 5 A
  • Dimmable
  • Wi-Fi accessable (Easy Lighting app)

A receiver can be set as a single zone, for controlling up to 4 outputs. For every zone, at least one receiver is required, depending on power ratings. The Play-XV can be used for single colours, tunable white, RGB and RGBW, depending on the selected controller.

The Play wireless dimmers are available in RF (Radio Frequency) and RF+Wi-Fi accessible. This means controlling by RF Wall panel, RF remote controls and Easy Lighting app is possible depending on the specifications of the receiver. Please note that all wireless devices are subject to signal coverage of controlling devices and/or Wi-Fi networks.


Control Mode: RF
Dimmable: Yes

RF Channels: 4 ch

Power Supply: 12-36 VDC
Maximum Output Current (A): 5 A
Power Connector in: Terminal
Power Connector out: Terminal

Length (mm): 179 mm
Height (mm): 22 mm
Width (mm): 46 mm
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Colour: White


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