Audiocenter ACP4.0

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Slutsteg, 2x 900W/750W/450W @ 2/4/8Ω

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A professional and high-end SMPS power amplifier, is famous for its stability, high-efficiency and light weight

ACP4.0 offers 450 watts at 8Ω stereo. Each channel works at 2Ω to satisfy all requirements.

ACP4.0 adopts Audiocenter latest Class H+ circuit which eliminates cross switching distortion.

ACP4.0 adopts carefully selected components like audiophile WIMA capacitors, Rubycon capacitors, Onsemi transistors, Neutrik® connectors and Belden audio cables, etc. High voltage signal and low voltage signal are allocated separately for better performance. The power supply part is covered with steel shield. The best components selected for the category and the advanced technology ensure very clear and clean sound. This makes ACP4.0 suitable for many different kinds of applications, from high power loudspeakers to critical monitoring where crystal clear highs are mandatory. It is widely used in concert, stadium, theater, opera house, etc.

Rated Power(20Hz-20KHz,<0.1%THD)

2×450W@8Ω stereo

2×750W@4Ω stereo

2×900W@2Ω stereo

1500W@8Ω bridge

1750W@4Ω bridge

A-Guard Protection System

DC protection /Short circuit protection /Smart overheat management /Overheat protection /Input overload protection /Output overload protection /Soft startup protection / Limiter protection Up to 9V

Frequency Response(1W 8Ω stereo)



0.775V / 32dB / 26dB

Input Connectors

Output Connectors

NEUTRIK® male XLR & female XLR

3×NEUTRIK® Speakon NL4MP

Filter Capacitor Capacity

2200μf / 200V×4

Input Impedance

Balanced 20KΩ/ Unbalanced 10KΩ

Crosstalk(20Hz-20KHz, Rated power 8Ω)


S/N Ratio(Rated power 8Ω, A weighted)


Damping Factor(1KHz&8Ω)


Intermodulation Distortion(20Hz-20KHz, half power)


Total Harmonic Distortion(20Hz-20KHz, Rated power 8Ω)


Phase Response(1W&8Ω, 20Hz-20KHz)

20Hz+4°  20KHz-12°

Slew Rate


Output Circuitry

Class H+

Power Consumption(Dual channel driven 4Ω, 1/8RMS/230V)


Rack Space



Front to back venting, mandatory cooling



Net Weight



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