Audiocenter PF26+

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Fullrangehögtalare 2×6″ 1″, 200W

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PF26 doubles the LF Power of PF6 to generate more low end a perfect candidate to use for installations in smaller clubs, bars, coffeebars, shopping malls or other places where less space for installations is available.

– Solid CNC cabinet made from original Russian birch plywood Tongue and groove CNC cabinet design ensures low resonance.
– Customized Beyma & Faital driver with extremely low distortion (average H2 distortion<2% and average H3 distortion <0.5%)
– Passive crossover & selectable BI-AMP function
– Perfect Phase Responseand unique DMFTM composite material
– very smooth HF and low-end distortion
– Smart crossover with American Benelec XPP audio capacitor, customized metal resistor and manually soldered fibre board to ensure stability and consistency and zero consumption, even with very high dynamic sound pressure.
– Unique driver protection circuit design to ensure safety of speaker
– Comprehensive accessories available for transportation, installation and suspension of loudspeakers
– LF: 2×6 “ Customized Beyma Ferrit Drivers with 2 “voice coil
– HF: Customized Beyma Ferrit Drivers with 1 “ ext. 1,7 “ voice coil
– Frequency response:60Hz~20KHz
– Power capacity:200W(AES stand)
– Impedance:8Ω


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