Showgear Basic 3800 Wind up stand

3 550 kr

Vevstativ, 3,8m, 80kg (med adapter 70835)

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  • No cables or winch
  • Load 80 kg
  • Lightweight design

Showtec introduces a new revolutionary range of stands. The new Basic series offer true wind up stands with a high load capacity of 80 kg but without the need of any cable. Due to this revolutionary concept the stand is more safe and reliable than any other stand in the market. All components are produced in Europe and are compliance with TUV and GS standards.


Height (mm): 1755
Minimum Height (m): 1.8
Maximum Height (m): 3.8
Locking Type: Screw Knob, Self-Locking Pin
Footconstruction: U-Profile legs with braces
Diameter Main Tube: 35
Diameter Base (closed): 145
Diameter Base (open): 1200
Weight: 17
Minimum Load: 10
Maximum Load: 80
Material: Aluminum, Metal
Colour: Black, Silver


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