Showgear Cable Bridge 5

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Kabelbrygga, 5/80 cm, med 5 fack för kablar

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Cable Bridge 5/80 cm, with 5 lines

At any kind of event, you can find multicables or powercables running across several walk- or driveways and public areas. To protect your cables against weather influences or traffic of any kind and to ensure safety for your public, Showtec now introduces the Cable bridge, available in two versions: 100 cm with 2 lines or 80 cm with 5 lines. Sturdy designs with perfect visibility which can handle loads up to 5000 kg (Cable bridge 5).


Work Length: 800 mm
Maximum Load: 5000 kg
Length (m): 0.85 m
Height (mm): 50 mm
Width (mm): 445 mm
Channel Size Width: 30 mm
Channel Size Height: 32 mm
Weight: 12.3 kg
Material: Synthetic
Colour: Black, Yellow


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