Reutlinger Cable Glider 50SV II M12

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Med M12 gäng, svart

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The Type 50SVII series has a maximum load of 80kg if you are using a steel wire of 4,0mm. If using a 5,0mm steel wire load goes up to 130kg.

The Cable gliders 50SVII and 80SVII are professional cable gliders which are TUV certified as well certified according to BGV C1. They are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards.

The black colour cable gliders are the right solution for event industry as well exhibition design. They are easy to use and have some uniques features such as:
– Fast and easy height adjustment
– Well balanced load performance in combination with cable diameter
– Matt black coating. So no reflections if use on stages.


Material: Metal
Colour: Black
Length (mm): 70
Diameter: 25
Thread: M12


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