CM Lodestar New Line 500 kg

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Eltelfer, komplett med 20m kedja, direktkontroll (DC)

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For the more demanding user and heavier loads we added the CM Lodestar New Line chainhoist to our range of rigging products. They are extremely strong and roadproof and have already proven themselves in many events. The CM Lodestar chainhoists are available in both 110V control (LV) or direct control and have a lifting speed of 4 m/min. They all come complete with 20 m chain (hoist in black colour), chainbag, carry handles and of course all necessary safety features. The hook on the chain is a swivel hook and all connectors are already mounted so that the chainhoist is ready to use.


Power Supply: 400 VAC 3 Phase
Power Connector in: CEE4P 16 A
Cable Length: 0.80 m
Speed: 4
Safety Factor: 5:1
Lifting Height: 20
Reference Standard: BGV D8, CE
Included Accessories: Bag
Housing: Aluminum
Fabric: Nylon
Colour: Black
Length (mm): 530
Height (mm): 168
Width (mm): 220
Weight: 30
Noise Level Maximum: 68
IP Rating: IP66


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