DAP Beltpack for COM-42

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Beltpack sändare för COM-42

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  • 606–630 MHz
  • 99 selectable frequencies
  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • 6 hour runtime
  • 5 V phantom power

This is a belt pack transmitter for the DAP COM-42 wireless handheld set. You can connect it to a mono instrument (guitar), dynamic lavalier or headset via a 4-pin mini XLR connector. The belt pack also has 5 V phantom power and thus even supports condenser microphones.

The belt pack transmitter for DAP COM-42 gives you a choice of 99 selectable frequencies in a range of 606-630 MHz. This frequency range falls within the policy for wireless microphones for most European countries

During a show or presentation, you don’t have to worry much about dropouts or lack of power. AA batteries last up to 6 hours, depending on the quality, and can be quickly replaced with new ones.


Wireless Audio Frequency Start: 606 MHz
Wireless Audio Frequency End: 630 MHz
Wireless Stability: 0.005%
RF Power: 10 mW
Frequency Deviation: 225 ± kHz
Spurious Rejection: 50 <- dBC
RF Bandwidth: 24 MHz

Microphone Sensitivity: 2.2 mV
Dynamic Range: 100 dB
Frequency Response Minimum: 50 Hz
Frequency Response Maximum: 16000 Hz
Phantom Power: 5 V

Mono Input Connector: 4-pin mini XLR
Mono Inputs: 1

Battery Type: AA
Runtime Average: 6 h

Channels: 99

Transmitter Type: Beltpack
LED Indicators: Battery status, Power

Height (mm): 85 mm
Width (mm): 65 mm
Length (mm): 25 mm
Length Transmitter (mm): 260 mm
Diameter: 50 mm
Housing: Plastic
Weight (kg): 0.09 kg
Colour: Black


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