DAP BP-10 Beltpack transmitter for PSS-106

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Ficksändare till PSS-106, 663–865 MHz – inklusive headset

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  • Beltpack sender dedicated for DAP PSS-106
  • Suitable for (condenser) microphone and instrument
  • Frequency range: 863–865 MHz
  • Phantom power supply
  • Headset included

The DAP BP-10 Beltpack for PSS-106 is a transmitter for making a wireless connection to your microphone or instrument. It allows you to have more freedom to move and the ability to use both of your hands for multi tasking. This is ideal for street artists/musicians and sport instructors.

Equipped with phantom power, the Beltpack for PSS-106 is suitable for both dynamic and condenser microphones. This allows you to choose any desired microphone or instrument. A headset is included.


Frequency Response Minimum: 863 Hz
Frequency Response Maximum: 865 Hz

Mono Input Connector: 4-pin mini XLR

Battery Type: AA

Height (mm): 85 mm
Width (mm): 65 mm
Length (mm): 25 mm
Housing: Plastic
Weight: 0.09 kg
Colour: Black


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