DAP Case for Odin T-8A

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Premium line

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  • Flight Case for 4x Odin Line Array Satellites (T-8A)
  • Custom hard foam (high impact for maximum protection)
  • 2 wheels with brake, 2 wheels without brake
  • Six built-in handles
  • Removable lid

The DAP Case for 4x Odin T-8A is a premium line flight case for quick and safe transport and storage of four Odin Line Array Satellites and the FB-01 flybar. Equipped with custom hard foam, the satellites fit tightly to prevent damage through unwanted internal movements. Furthermore, each component is designed to survive the rigors of frequent touring since this premium line flight case is made out of thick 9 mm plywood and original Penn Elcom hardware.

This safe and robust case has six recessed handles and four swivel wheels (of which two with brake) for a quick, safe and lightweight transport.


Height (mm): 1305 mm
Width (mm): 760 mm
Depth (mm): 710 mm
Inner Height: 1100 mm
Inner Width: 713 mm
Inner Depth: 682 mm
Weight: 44 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Material: Wood
Material Thickness: 9 mm
Fabric: Foam
Colour: Black

Flightcase Application: Audio Case
Packing Capacity: 4 pcs, Flybar
Handles: Front, Left side, Right side
Handles Type: Recessed
Aluminium Extrusion Frame Size: 30 mm x 30 mm
Castors: 4
Castor Size: 100 mm
Castor Type: Swivel with brake + without brake
Latch Type: Butterfly
Latch Brand: Penn Elcom
Accessories Pocket: Yes
Height Accessories Pocket: 524 mm
Length Accessories Pocket: 85 mm
Width Accessories Pocket: 690 mm


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