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Telekabel mono Ø7 mm

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Although DAP Audio started with DJ-only equipment several years ago, it is now quite clear that we’ve embraced all live musicians and stage performers as well! Not only that, we developed complete productlines for live applications but also for the demanding music-artist. One of the top-notch –behind-the-scenes” products ranges are the cables and in particular the instrument/guitarcables. Featuring outstanding capacities, low-noise, a great pricetag and, typically DAP Audio, several models to choose from.


Flashover Voltage: 30 V
Connector 1: TS 6.3 mm unbalanced
Connector 2: TS 6.3 mm unbalanced
Cable Length: 6 m – 10 m
Pins: 2
Outer Cable Diameter: 7 mm

Weight: 0.5 kg – 0.76 kg
Colour: Black

Contact Type: Nickel plated
Conductors: 2

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6m, 10m


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