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Kondensatormikrofon svanhals

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  • Omni-directional
  • Low-noise
  • Highly sensitive
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

The DAP GCM-10 is a professional gooseneck condenser microphone suitable for (e-) meetings such as conferences and webinars. It is a highly sensitive microphone that picks up sound from every direction evenly. It is therefore best used in situations where you want to capture the atmosphere of ”being there”. In addition, it is very reliable and captures a rich sound with little noise.

The GCM-10 is easy to carry thanks to its lightweight and portable design. Simply plug it into a phantom-powered 3-pin XLR connector and you’re good to go.


Microphone Output Connection: 3-pin XLR
Microphone Impedance: 180 Ω
Microphone Output Impedance: 250 Ω

Microphone Type: Condenser
Microphone Sensitivity: 18 mV
Polar Pattern: Omni Directional
Max. SPL: 122 dB
Frequency Response Minimum: 50 Hz
Frequency Response Maximum: 20000 Hz
Phantom Power: 9 V, 12 V, 18 V, 24 V, 48 V
On/Off Switch Microphone: No

Height (mm): 480 mm
Width (mm): 14 mm
Length (mm): 14 mm
Colour: Black
Weight: 0.12 kg


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