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7-kanals installationsmixer, 3 zoner

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  • Gain settings at backside
  • Special front input for phone/MP3 devices
  • Zone control for 3 balanced outputs
  • 2 Mic, 11 Line inputs

The IMIX-7.3 is a compact installation mixer with zone control. It has exact the same functionality as the IMIX-7.1 but each input on the IMIX-7.3 can be routed to the desired output. This function makes it possible to control 3 areas with different music, sound level and EQ settings.


Mono Inputs: 2
Mono Input Connector: 3-pin XLR, TRS balanced 6.3 mm
Stereo Inputs: 10
Stereo Input Connector: RCA
Phono Audio Inputs: 2
Phono Audio Input Connector: RCA
Auxiliary Inputs: 1
Auxiliary Input Connector: RCA, TRS balanced 3.5 mm

Main Outputs: 3
Main Output Connector: 3-pin XLR, RCA
Headphone Output: 1
Headphone Output Connector: TS balanced 6.3 mm
Record Output: 1
Record Output Connector: RCA

THD Level: < 0.05 %
Signal-to-noise Ratio: > 100 dB

Frequency Response Minimum: 20 Hz
Frequency Response Maximum: 20000 Hz

Microphone Input Equalizer Range: 12 dB
Parametric Microphone Equalizer: 3 Bands
Microphone Input Fixed Frequencies: 80, 1.000, 12.000 Hz
Parametric Main Equalizer: 3 Bands
Main Output Equalizer Range: 12 dB
Main Output Fixed Frequencies: 80, 1.000, 12.000 Hz

LED Indicators: Channel select, Clip, Mute, Output level, Signal

Power Supply: 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Output Voltage: 18 VAC
Power Consumption: 19.1 A
Power Connector in: Low Voltage DC plug

Height (mm): 88 mm
Width (mm): 95 mm
Length (mm): 481 mm
Flightcase Size: 19″
Rack Units: 2 U
Housing: Metal
Colour: Black
Weight (kg): 2.8 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)

Included Accessories: Adapter


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