DAP PL-07ß

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Dynamisk mikrofon

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  • Robust grille
  • Cancels any sound coming from behind
  • No feedback up to a high gain level
  • Can handle high sound pressure levels
  • Six m XLR cable and leather pouch included

The DAP PL-07B is a blue design cardioid dynamic microphone with strong mesh grille. It picks up sounds in the direction it is being pointed, and cancels out any sound coming from behind it. This limits background noise from being picked up by the microphone and prevents feedback up to a high gain level. It is developed for capturing instruments in live situations, such as guitar amps, bass amps, acoustic guitars, saxophones, snares, congas and woodwinds.

For best results, we recommend that you keep the instrument a short distance from the PL-07B. It can handle high sound pressure levels without distortion due to its high maximum SPL. A six meter long XLR cable and leather pouch are included.


Microphone Output: 1
Microphone Output Connection: 3-pin XLR
Microphone Impedance: 600 Ω

Microphone Type: Dynamic moving coil
Microphone Sensitivity: 2.6 mV
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Max. SPL: 137 dB
Frequency Response Minimum: 50 Hz
Frequency Response Maximum: 16000 Hz
Phantom Power: No
On/Off Switch Microphone: No

Height (mm): 42 mm
Width (mm): 42 mm
Length (mm): 160 mm
Diameter: 42 mm
Housing: Aluminum
Colour: Light Blue
Weight (kg): 0.271 kg
Included Cables: XLR 3P 6m
Included Accessories: Leather Pouch


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