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Utropsmikrofon för 1 zon för ZPA-6240TU

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  • Set Chime ore Priority by dip-switch
  • Master/Slave selection switch on backside
  • Push-to-Talk button on upside

The Dap Audio PM-One is a desktop microphone which is specially designed for working with the ZPA-6240TU amplifier. It has a push-to-talk button with LED status indication on the front and can be set as a master/slave in a chain of microphones. The power is supplied by the ZPA-6240TU, so there is no need for any external power supply. Maximum cable length is limited due to analog signal transmission.


Microphone Type: Condenser
Microphone Sensitivity: 230 mV
Frequency Response Minimum: 22 Hz
Frequency Response Maximum: 23000 Hz

Data Connector in: RJ45
Data Connector out: RJ45

Height (mm): 20 mm
Width (mm): 150 mm
Length (mm): 164 mm
Housing: Aluminum
Colour: Black
Weight (kg): 0.6 kg
Chime: Yes

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40 °C


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