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Aktiv DI box stereo 

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  • RCA/2x 6.3 mm TS Jack in, 2x balanced XLR out
  • Road proof housing with rubber feet
  • 9 V power supply or 18–48 V phantom power
  • Ground lift
  • Instrument & speaker inputs

The DAP SDI-202 is a multifunctional DI-Box. It can be used to amplify a signal or create a balanced output. Activating the ground lift provides an even frequency response to any input signal with the benefit of canceling out interference, hums and buzzes. You can switch between instrument and speaker mode.

Instrument mode can be used to connect an instrument with high output impedances, such as an electric guitar or acoustic guitar with a piezo-ceramic pickup. In addition, you can connect electrical devices with an unbalanced output, such as a keyboard or DJ mixer without balanced outputs.

Speaker mode allows you to balance the output of a guitar amp to create a clean, low-level signal, allowing your signal to be driven through long cables with no problem.


Mono Inputs: 2
Mono Input Connector: RCA, TS unbalanced 6.3 mm
Mono Balanced Input Nominal Level: 9 dBu
Mono Balanced Input Maximum Level: 39 dBu
Mono Input Impedance: 47 Ω

Main Outputs: 2
Main Output Connector: 3-pin XLR
Main Output Impedance: 600 Ω

THD Level: < 0.005 %
Signal-to-noise Ratio > 105 dB

Frequency Response Minimum: 10 Hz
Frequency Response Maximum: 40 kHz
Phantom Power: 18 V, 24 V, 48 V

Battery Type: 9 V block PP3

Height (mm): 53 mm
Width (mm): 158 mm
Length (mm): 135 mm
Housing: Metal
Weight (kg): 0.7 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Colour: Black

LED Indicators: Ground lift, Inst. – Speaker, Operation mode, Power


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