DAP ZA-7250

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250W 100V Zonförstärkare

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  • 4 stereo inputs & 3 mic inputs
  • Line-output per zone & special output for only music/mics
  • Chime & Ducking
  • Loop-through connection
  • 19″ 2U rack design

The DAP PA-7250 is a 240-watt 100 V 4-zone mixer amplifier with 4 selectable sources and 3 microphone inputs. All microphone inputs are equipped with phantom power and can be selected as line input. An integrated speech filter can be applied to improve intelligibility. This mixer amplifier has 3 RCA inputs on the rear and an easy accessible line/phone input (Mini-Jack) on the front for connecting an MP3 player or mobile device.

The PA-7250 has enhanced features. It has for example a special line for emergency announcements (such as a fire alarm) that will overrule all other inputs. It is also equipped with an adjustable chime function, ducking level control, loop through connection and a line output that can be set as line output, music only or microphone only. Besides, each zone also has its own line outputs for being able to connect extra amplifiers, allowing you to extend the PA system if needed.

This 100 V zone mixer amplifier is designed to support a PA system intended for intercommunication or background music in public and business areas such as convention halls, shopping malls, dining halls, auditoriums and recreational areas. It has an integrated protection circuit to protect against overload and short circuit of the output. This results in very high reliability and easy installations without the need for additional audio processors.


RMS Output Power Amplifier: 250 W
Output Channels: 4
Output Mode: Parallel
Output Connector: Terminal
Main Outputs: 2
Main Output Connector: 3-pin XLR, RCA
Zone Output: 4
Zone Output Connector: Phoenix, RCA
Headphone Output: 1
Headphone Output Connector: TS balanced 6.3 mm

Mono Inputs: 3
Mono Input Connector: 3-pin XLR, Phoenix, TS unbalanced 6.3 mm
Stereo Inputs: 3
Stereo Input Connector: TRS balanced 3.5 mm
Auxiliary Inputs: 1
Auxiliary Input Connector: RCA
Transformer: 100 V

Phantom Power: 18 V

Parametric Channel Equalizer: 2 Bands
Input Channel Equalizer Range: 12 dB
Channel Input Fixed Frequencies: 100, 12.000 Hz
Microphone Input Equalizer Range: 12 dB
Parametric Microphone Equalizer: 2 Bands
Microphone Input Fixed Frequencies: 100, 12.000 Hz
Speech Filter Range: 3 dB
Speech Filter Frequency: 300 Hz

Power Supply: 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Backup Power Supply: 24 VDC
Power Consumption: 517 W
Fuse: 4 A
Power Connector in: IEC

Height (mm): 88 mm
Width (mm): 483 mm
Length (mm): 328 mm
Installation Depth (excl. connector): 328 mm
Flightcase Size: 19″
Rack Units: 2 U
Housing: Steel
Colour: Black
Finish: Powder Coating
Weight (kg): 12 kg
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Amplifier Cooling: Axial fan

PTT: Yes
Chime: Yes
Ducking: Yes
VOX: Yes
Telephone Input: Yes
Electronic Protection: Overload, Short circuit
LED Indicators: Channel select, Output level, Power

Reference Standard: CE, EMC, ETL, RoHS
Included Cables: IEC cable
Included Accessories: Green terminal connector


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