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LED skärm, Pixel pitch: 6,25mm

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  • 6.25mm pixel pitch
  • NovaStar Control system
  • Curving in 5 different angle positions
  • Easy Rigging
  • Lightweight only 11 Kg

The DMT E6-N screen is equipped with a NovaStar A5s receiver-card which guarantees a steady and reliable control system. The light weight frame with a very flexible rigging system allows you to build various horizontally curved shapes in five different angle positions (15°,7.5°,0°,-7.5°,-15°). This gives you a nearly unlimited freedom to build your screen in any shape. The E6-N is the ideal indoor 6.25mm high resolution solution with a very high value for money content. Suitable for rental but also fixed installations projects.
The E6-N is the right indoor tool for the most demanding and creative visual designer.


Pixel Pitch Horizontal: 6.25
Pixel Pitch Vertical: 6.25
Cabinet Resolution Width: 80
Cabinet Resolution Height: 160
Module Resolution Width: 80
Module Resolution Height: 40
Viewing Angle Horizontal: 140
Viewing Angle Vertical: 140
Minimum Viewing Distance: 6
Cabinet Ratio: 1:2

Light Source Type: LED
LED Type: Black Face
Brightness: 1200

Control System: Novastar
Receiving Card: A5s
Refresh Rate Screen: 1600

Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 300
Power Consumption Average: 100
Power Connector in: Power Pro Blue
Power Connector out: Power Pro Grey
Data Connector in: ProCat
Data Connector out: ProCat

Cabinet Width: 500
Cabinet Height: 1000
Cabinet Depth: 63
Module Width: 500
Module Height: 250
Weight: 11.2
Curved Angles: -15, -7.5, 0, 7.5, 15
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Aluminum
Cooling: Convection
Maintenance: Rear

Fixed Mounting Option: M6
Rigging Horizontal Max.: 0 Panels
Rigging Vertical Max.: 10 Panels
Locking System: Fast Lock System

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 40
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -10
Included Cables: Horizontal Power link cable, Horizontal Signal link cable


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