DMT Fastfold Screen Pro 4:3

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Vikbar projektionsskärm utan duk, 4:3

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  • Complete set incl. flight case
  • Front projection and rear projection fabrics
  • No additional tools needed
  • Fast & easy assembly

DMT Fast Fold Screens feature an easy and sturdy design. There are no parts to install and no tools needed because the frame and support use their own connectors and come with built in turn knobs.
Its robust frame ensures it can hold up to the toughest of challenges.
With a design that focuses on fast and easy assembly, it’s the perfect solution for mobile presentations and performances.

All fast fold screens come including flightcase and two fabrics: front-view and rear-view. Each fabric is separately packed in a protective cover to give it maximum protection.

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100", 120", 150", 200"


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