DMT Pixelscreen E6 MKII

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LED skärm, Pixel pitch: 6,25mm

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  • 5 different angle positions
  • Easy Rigging
  • Lightweight only 11 kg
  • 6 mm real pixel pitch

DMT’s Pixelscreen E6 is our expansion of the successful DMT Pixelmesh E12,5 series. It combines light weight with a very flexible rigging system which allows for curved shapes with the panels. Equipped with the same angling system as our E12,5, it’s possible to adjust every panel horizontally in five different angle positions (15°,7.5°,0°,-7.5°,-15°).The screen is designed with a super lightweight frame. Well suited for permanent installations. This gives you a nearly unlimited freedom to build your screen in any shape. The Pixelscreen E6 is the ideal indoor high resolution solution with a very high value for money content.
The Pixelscreen E6 is the right indoor tool for the most demanding and creative visual designer.


Pixel Pitch Horizontal: 6.25
Pixel Pitch Vertical: 6.25
Cabinet Resolution Width: 80
Cabinet Resolution Height: 160
Module Resolution Width: 80
Module Resolution Height: 40
Viewing Angle Horizontal: 140
Viewing Angle Vertical: 140
Minimum Viewing Distance: 6
Cabinet Ratio: 1:2

Light Source Type: LED
LED Type: White Frame
Brightness: 2000

Control System: Linsn
Refresh Rate Screen: 1000

Power Supply: 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: 200
Power Consumption Average: 75
Power Connector in: Dedicated connector
Power Connector out: Dedicated connector
Data Connector in: Dedicated data connector
Data Connector out: Dedicated Data Connector

Cabinet Width: 500
Cabinet Height: 1000
Cabinet Depth: 63
Module Width: 500
Module Height: 250
Weight: 11
Curved Angles: -15, -7.5, 0, 7.5, 15
IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
Housing: Aluminum

Cooling: Convection
Maintenance: Rear
Fixed Mounting Option: 6 mm
Rigging Horizontal Max.: 15 Panels
Rigging Vertical Max.: 10 Panels
Locking System: Fast Lock System
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 55
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -10


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