Doughty C-19SM (REA)

260 kr

Socapex chassi-kontakt, 19-pin hane
12st i lager – Nya i kartong

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These Connectors are manufactured with a one piece die cast aluminium body, and feature 24 carat gold plated pinsc- housed in a base of temperature resistant plastic. There are three types of connector available; chassis mounting (SF & SM), standard body (LF & LM), and long body (LFL & LML). Standard Connectors are appropriate where the multi-core cable is to attach directly to a pre-wired bar or dimmer/amp rack. Whereas long body connectors are ideally suited for use in cable extensions. All connectors are designed to provide a high degree of protection against dust and moisture incursion. Long bodied connectors are additionally available with factory fitted cable strain relief socks (LFLC) & (LMLC).


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