Doughty Multigrip Clamp

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Multifunktions clamp

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The Multigrip Clamp is a very versatile clamp which offers various rigging possibilities. This TÜV certified clamp fits around objects like tubes or beams with diameters or measurements from 10mm to 55mm and has a Safe Working Load SWL of 25kg. By joining two of them together with the additional copper Multigrip spigot you get a swivel coupler instantly. The Multigrip Clamp has multiple mounting options due to the M4 and M6 threads which makes it perfectly suited for entertainment- and even photography-purposes

SWL: 25Kg
Height: 95mm
Width: 45mm
Tube: 10 ~ 55mm
Material: Aluminium, Stainless steel
Weight: 0,42Kg
Colour: Black
Mounting options: 2x M4 thread, 1x M6 thread, 1x 16mm (5/8″) Hexagon socket


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