Eller Chain Shackle 3.25T

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Shackel, WLL 3.25T shoulderbolt, svart

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For a safe connection to a beam-clamp or chainhoist a proper shackle is required. Therefore Showtec now provides a (certified) range of shackles consisting of 1,0T to 4,75T shackle in order to rig your truss, speakers, etc, safely to your sling or hoist. The shackles are available in a 1,0T to 4,75T version with shoulderbolt or nutbolt with split pen.

Ask your sales representative for the other shackles in our growing range of rigging products!


WLL (kg): 3250
WLL (T): 3
Material: Steel
Finish: Galvanized
Colour: Black
Diameter: 16
Weight: 0.62
Safety Factor: 6
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -20
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 200


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