Eller Chainhoist 500kg VBG-8 man. 12m

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Manuell kedjelyft, max 500kg, höjd 12m

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This manual chainhoist (parts and housing) is protected against corrosion. Both hooks, made of heat-treated tempered steel, are equipped with robust forged safety catches. The chain is European Grade 80 tempered and galvanized load chain according to EN-818-7. Precision bearings support the pinion shaft for smoother operation and increased mechanical efficiency

The adjustable overload protection ensures that lifting is no longer possible if the pre-set slipping clutch in the handwheel no longer allows it. The overload protection is set at the factory to approx. 150 % of the nominal load. Available in 8 and 12 m lifting height.


Chain: Grade 80
Pendant: 11
Lifting Height: 12
Reference Standard: EN 818-7
Housing: Steel
Finish: Powder Coating
Colour: Black, Chrome
Length (mm): 114
Height (mm): 309
Width (mm): 110
Weight: 6


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