Eller Sling 1 Ton WLL. Black

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Sele, 1000kg, 1-3 m

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Eller provides you with (certified) round-slings for safe lifting and rigging of trusses, speakers, etc. The slings are made of polyester and all of them are black so that they are not visible for the audience. They are available in 1 and 2 ton WLL. Please note that slings have to be certified each year due to the regulations of the EEC.


WLL (T): 1
Length (mm): 1000-3000
Work Length: 1000-3000
Fabric: Polyester
Colour: Black
Safety Factor: 7:1
Reference Standard: CE, EN 1492-2

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1,0m, 1,5m, 2,0m, 3,0m


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