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We call it The Trigger. It’s a Loudness Monitor – that is, the built-in microphone continuously measures the noise level in the room and displays it in coloured LEDs up to a pre-determinded level of loudness you pre-set from 79dB to 109dB in 3dB steps.

You can use it as a stand alone product with the 24V DC Powerpack supplied. Alternatively, you can connect it up to The Gov^nor, for the additional cost – it’s our Sound Pressure Level Limiter. Connect the two items using 2 pairs of a Cat 5 cable run. 24V goes up one pair to power it while the control signal comes down to the Gov^nor on another pair to ’trigger’ the limiting action. Either way, once it’s set at the maximum level you want in that room the top 3 Red LEDs will tell you when you are there and The Gov^nor will hold it at that level.

The Loudness Monitor measures sound in either A Weighting (required by Government Authorities) or C Weighting (recommended by audio engineers if too much bass is the problem). The Fitness Audio Trigger & Gov^nor are simple solutions to continuing problems at many venues – not just fitness clubs either!


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