Fitness Audio WT800

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Wireless Entertainment sändare för ljud, exempelvis från tv-apparater

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WES FM transmitter features the most comprehensive state-of-the-art wireless technology including the first to offer a Dual Diversity Antenna System assuring the most reliable static and drift-free transmission. Each WES FM transmitter is design for transmission of one audio source per transmitter box – channels of transmission are variable so multiple transmitters can be used per room. Similar to the WES 900 system in that Listeners use installed WES Receivers or as an FM exclusive – their own FM radios. This gives the facility owner an option of selling FM radios in addition to Headphones in their pro shop or offering them as premiums for long term enrollment contracts. WES FM is recommended for areas where FM radio bandwidth is not overcrowded.

What’s a basic system:
A facility with 5 TV’s (all showing different channels, i.e., ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, ESPN) would require 5 WES FM Transmitters – one for each TV. If there were 25 pieces of cardio equipment (treadmills, elliptical, stair machines, etc.) that were listening stations then you would need 25 WES Receivers and CSAFE cables/power supplies if the cardio equipment didn’t have a CSAFE output for power – OR – since it is FM – 0 WES Receivers and end users could use their own FM radios.

• Dual Diversity Antenna System – static and drift-free transmission
• LEDFM Frequency Display
• Automatic Audio Level Control – Enjoy distortion free sound without concern for loud commercials or audio track spikes
• Dtachable Uni-Mount mounting bracket – provides for easy and secure installation on virtually any surface including walls


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