Showtec Galactic B400

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Laserprojektor, 400mW blå

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  • IR remote control included
  • Compact housing 400 mW Blue output
  • Preprogrammed auto & sound shows
  • Master / Slave possibility with other value line lasers

The B400 is the successor of the single blue color laser in the Galactic Value Line series. It has 100mW more laser power then the first B model and is updated with an IR remote control. Just like the G40 it has 8 DMX channels and a total of 32 different patterns.

The Galactic Value Line is a family of compact lasers with the same functionalities but different colors. These 5 new models of the value line series are equipped with an IR remote and updated with more bright and better color combinations. They all have the same control modes and programs. This makes it easy to create a versatile laser-show with different units. The Galactic Value line has one auto and one sound to light program integrated and they can be selected manually or by DMX. In DMX mode you also have total control of all Patterns, X-Y movements, zooming, speed and rotation. All Galactic value line models are equipped with optimized optics for the best laser performance.

Attention, the laser only works when the interlock connector is connected with a remote interlock (ordercode 51316). You can test if the laser works properly with the included test connector. If you use the laser in public area’s a remote interlock is necessary for safety regulations.
The Galactic value line makes it possible to create a cost effective professional laser-show with one or multiple units.


Power Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 17 Watt
Laser color: Blue
Laser Power: 400mW 450nm
Laser Class: 3B
Scan Speed: Stepping motor
Scan Angle: /-30˚
Control Modes: Auto, Sound, Master/Slave, DMX
Control Display: 4 Digits LED
DMX Channels: 8
Data Connector: In/Out (XLR 3Pin)
Safety Features: Key switch, Interlock, Safety eye
Laser Safety: EN/IEC 60825-1 Ed 2, 2007-03
Dimensions: 145 x 160 x 80mm (excl. bracket)
Weight: 1.3Kg
Accessories: IR Remote, 2 Keys, Interlock test connector


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