GIS Electric Chainhoist 250kg

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Eltelfer, 250 kg, 20 m

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  • Safety factor 8:1
  • With two brakes
  • Protection class: IP65
  • 250 kg as D8+ / 400 kg as D8

Two independent brake systems and a safety factor 8:1 allow people to stand under the load without a secondary safety device. By means of direct control, the chain hoists can be easily combined as group hoists. The chain hoist is in accordance with BGV D8+ as a modular chain hoist for lifting loads. The lifting capacity is 0.25t in a single reeved chain hoist. The chain hoists are perfectly suitable for both mobile and outdoor use. The top and bottom end positions can be individually and precisely set. The optional locking load hook prevents the load from accidentally slipping off the load hook.

• Safety factor 8:1 according to DIN 56950:2012
• Model LPM, single reeved
• Aluminium casing and cover
• Profile steel chain
• Dry-running slipping clutch
• Geared limit switch with high positioning accuracy
• Standard voltage: 400 V-3Ph-50Hz
• Working load limit: 0.25t
• Classification group: M5: duty cycle; 40 % 240 s/h (2 m)
• Lifting speed: 4 m/min
• Standard lifting height: 20 m
• Protection class: IP65
• Isolation class F (motor)
• Hook suspension

• Approx. 0.8 m power cable with 16 A CEE plug, 5-pin red
• Double brake
• Chain bag


Power Supply: 400 VAC 3 Phase
Power Connector in: CEE4P 16 A
Cable Length: 0.80 m

Speed: 4 m/min
Safety Factor: 8:1

Lifting Height: 20 m

Housing: Aluminium
Colour: Black
Weight: 19 kg
Noise Level Maximum: 60 dB
IP Rating: IP65


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