Guil A-1/G

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The seat includes a stainless steel connector to secure them to the rail profile of the platform. This type of connection permits each singular seat to be spaced as required, to adapt to the requirements of the specific set-up (the distance between the seats can be bigger or smaller as required). Note: The minimum recommended distance between the centre of one seat to the centre of the next is 50 cm. (Net Weight: 2.5 Kg)

The A-1/G is made from heavy-duty injected polypropylene (in accordance with UNE EN 12727:01 standard), the plastic has a special treatment to delay sun damage (standard: EN 13200-4:2006), increases durability of the seat.

The seat is grey and has a central drain to channel water off the seat for a quick dry and easier cleaning. Note: Other colours are available on request; contact our sales department.

This practical accessory allows you to quickly and easily convert your GUIL platforms into a grandstand or tiered seating, for both indoor and outdoor use.


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