Guil ABZ-60

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This hinge for hook clamps and couplers saves space when storing and transporting lighting equipment, moving heads and any device that can be attached and installed on a clamp or coupler.

When storing an electronic device in a flightcase or to simply save set-up time as you don’t have to attach the coupler or clamp used to install the device, as with the ABZ-60 adaptor you don’t have to remove the clamp or coupler after every event.

Our hinge system ref. ABZ-60 is quick and easy to use. It has a high load capacity for such a small adaptor (WLL: 75 kg).

Compact and discrete together with its black finish, it is not bulky nor does it have any unnecessary parts, making it almost invisible to the eye within the installation from only a few meters away.


Maximum Load: 75 kg
Measures: 50 x 50 mm
Colour: Black
Material: Steel
Net Weight: 0,40 kg


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