Guil ADT-40

730 kr

Trossadapter, justerbar 200-300mm, svart

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Adjustable truss adaptor to be used on towers and stands with a Ø 35 mm shaft. Our resistant and durable truss adapter ref. ADT-40 is an essential accessory to guarantee maximum safety when lifting truss structures.

Adjustable: Its adjustable design allows it to be used with different size truss: from 20 cm to 30 cm.

Swivelling: The “U” pieces where the trusses are rested are swivelling (360º), this way the truss can be fitted to the adaptor in any required position, offering professionals multiple set-up possibilities.

It comes with the RC-100 locking bolts: No more misplacing the securing bolts in the middle of an event set-up! GUIL designed this stainless steel securing bolt with a high strength Neodymium Magnet, which will prevent such situations from happening.

ADT-40 truss adaptor is secured to the tower using an ergonomic knob. It is manufactured in steel with rounded edges giving a smooth finish preventing damages or injuries (no sharp edges).


For Trusses: From 20 to 30 cm
Ending: Female. For towers with a Ø 35 mm shaft
Suitable for Towers: Ref. ELC-700 & ELC-710
RC-100 Yes
Colour: Black
Material: Steel
Net Weight: 2.45 kg


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