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GUIL, following all international standards for safety and resistance (NF P90-306) has developed a new model of Barriers; a lightweight version made of aluminium.

The new ATV Barriers have been re-designed in an answer to the new market needs, satisfying the great demand for barriers that are lightweight and longer lasting than steel versions which provide a safe area for authorised personnel.

The new modular barrier, together with our practical gate barrier and barrier with an access hole for cables make the GUIL crowd control assembly one of the safest and most resistant barriers on the market, and an indispensable item for public events where a safe space division is needed.

These heavy-duty barriers are designed to safely control crowds in different sorts of events like concerts with large audiences, launching of products, performances, political meetings, etc. They not only offer workers, security guards,etc. a safe area to operate from, but they are also thoroughly made thinking in the safety and comfort of the audience.

ATV Barriers, made in accordance with European directives 89/392/CEE, 91/368/CEE and 93/44/CEE, are specially designed for a fast and easy attachment making it a perfect complement for any event where space needs to be divided, whilst guaranteeing maximum safety for technicians, authorised personnel and security guards.

Crowd control Assembly is made joining the modules by means of a male/female coupling system allowing a quick and easy set-up. Thanks to these couplers the assembly can even be set in unlevel surfaces. This joining system also guarantees maximum stability and resistance to the whole structure without the need to use any tools or have any loose parts.

All the edges of these new barriers are rounded to prevent injuries to the audience and guarantees public safety at all times. Thanks to its hinged system this modular structure is fully foldable making them easy to handle and store. As it is a complete compact unit, there is no possibility of losing any components. These practical Crowd Control Barriers can be carried and stored in special containers Ref. CTO-05. (Set of four swivel wheels with brakes Ref. CTR-02 sold seperately).

Net Weight: 34 kg
Folded Dimensions: 1050 x 180 x 1770 mm
Wheels: Ø 100 mm
Material: Polished Aluminium
Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6


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