Guil CTO-05

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Storage & Transport Container

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Practical and manageable container specially designed to transport and store stage decks ref. TM300, TM440, TM440XL, TM442XL and TM441. This reinforced structure, manufactured in steel with a black paint finish for outdoor use, has four removable pillars and can be transported with a forklift truck.

These CTO-05 containers can be stacked, thus reducing the barriers storage space. Note: Up to 3 containers can be stacked. Each container can store the following units:

– 10 units of TM300, TM440, TM440XL, TM440XXL Platforms.
– 8 units of TM442XL Platforms.
– 5 units of TM441 Platforms.

This versatile container offers the option to store and transport platforms in three different positions to suit your needs:

– Decks in flat/horizontal position
– Decks on edge position
– Decks in an upright/on end position (for TM440, TM440XL, TM440XXL, TM300 and TM442XL Platforms)

For easier handling and manoeuvrability, this useful container can be converted into a trolley just by adding our set of four castors ref. CTR-03 (not included). CTR-03 consists of four swivel wheels of Ø 200 mm (rubber made with metallic rim for maximum resistance) provided with brakes and fitted with Ø 35 mm spigots to guarantee an effective connection to the container.


Maximum Load: 600 kg
Measures: 1055 x 1165 x 1275 mm
Stackable & Removable: Yes
Net Weight: 22 kg
Colour: Negro
Material: Acero


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