Guil ECT20

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Modulbyggt trappsteg med fasta ben, till podier 40 cm höjd

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ECT20 Access Step is composed of one modular step of 300 x 800 mm and one set of 3 fixed height legs & 1 fixed height leg with leveller. For stage of 400 mm high. (Net Weight: 11 Kg)

Note: Other step dimensions available on request.

ECT20 Stair system includes one connector ref. AN-ECT to secure the modular step to the stage.

The modular stair system consists of separate steps, which can be connected to make a stair of any desired height making it a perfect element for different stage heights. Steps can also be set up end to end, making it possible to achieve different stair widths.

Note: Recommended height between steps is of 200 mm

Steps from ECT stair system have a heavy-duty 300 x 800 mm frame made with special aluminium profiles of 80 mm with a high load capacity (alloy EN-AW 6082 T6 in accordance with UNE-EN573). Its continuous rail design allows an easy attachment of a wide range of accessories: safety rails, skirting, etc.

The step has a weather resistant 21 mm thick panel made out of best quality 100 % Birch Plywood (WBP) composed of 15 layers, each layer is coated with phenolic resin making them resistant to bad weather conditions and humidity.

The top side of the panel has a non-slip finish created by a wire mesh pattern printed thanks to a hot pressing process and has a water resistant treatment, as well as being treated to protect it against commonly used chemicals; features that guarantee the highest resistance and durability for both indoor and outdoor use. To make this panel even longer lasting, all its edges have been sealed with black acrylic paint (according to BFU 100) and silicone to prevent water infiltration.

This plywood is specially designed for those applications where high wear resistance and good non-slip properties are required. The composition and density of the plywood make our panels very compact and sturdy.

The birch panel used meets the requirements of the following standards:
– SFS 2415 / type EXT
– DIN 68705 part 3 / type BFU 100
– BS 6566 part 8 / type WBP
– EN 314-2 / type EXT

ECT20 Access Step is supplied with one set of 3 fixed height legs & 1 fixed height leg with leveler which allows an adjustment of 50mm. Its design ensures a perfectly levelled step when setting up on slightly uneven surfaces.

Manufactured with extruded aluminium (Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6), have a square profile of 50 x 50 mm and special non-marring non-slip terminals. The legs are easily and quickly secured into the sockets in the frame with a pressure wedge that is tightened by an ergonomic metal knob, which also guarantees maximum safety and durability.


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