Guil ELC-700

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Trosslyft, max 3,30m, 85 kg

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Compact telescopic lift, specially designed for easy transportation when folded. It has been certified to lift loads of up to 85 kg to a maximum height of 3.30 metres and has a Ø 35 mm top spigot.

Its user friendly and compact design, with a folding and adjustable base, make the ELC-700 Lift ideal for any kind of temporary event, both outdoors and indoors.

Folded dimensions:
* 260 x 320 x 1700 mm (with winch handle)
* 260 x 160 x 1700 mm (without winch handle)

ELC-700 is equipped with two safety systems which guarantee maximum reliability and resistance:

1.- It is equipped with a hand winch with automatic braking system. Its auto-block system ensures the load remains in position whenever the handle is released.

2.- Locking Bolt.

The ELC-700 wind-up stand complies with current European standards and safety norms.

Maximum Height: 3,30 m
Maxumum Load: 85 kg
Working Height: 1,70m
Net Weight: 12,80 kg
Minimum Load: 25 kg
Working Base Span: Ø 1,55 m
Folded Dimensions: 26 x 32 x 170 cm
Material: Steel
Colour: Black
Standards: 2006/42/CE, DGUV Rule 115-002 DGUV  Regulation 1, 17, 18



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