Guil ESL-14

295 kr

Lyftsele, polyester 2,5m. Max belastning: 1000 kg.

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Flat endless sling made from 100% polyester. Our ESL-14 belt sling has a length of 2,5 m and has a working load limit of 1000 kg.

While transporting or moving a heavy, light or delicate load, this sling safely secures it without marking the hanging point. IT DOESN’T STRATCH, IT ISN’T ABRASIVE, IT DOESN’T DAMAGE the transported materials. It is a lot lighter than chains.

– Total adhesion to the load preventing slipping.
– They are extremely flexible.
– These slings have the best relation of strength/weight.
– Wide contact with load.
– They do not hurt the user, because of their soft feel.

The sling has a label with the load capacity and additional information about international standard requirements. It complies with the European regulations: DIN 61360, EN 1492-1 and Directive 2006/42/CE.


Maximum Load: 1000 kg
Length: 2500 mm
Width: 50 mm
Material: Polyester
Colour: Black
Net Weight: 0,55 kg


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