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Compact floor stand with adaptor for one spotlight. This practical device is suitable for any type of spotlight with bracket (a yoke).

Our floor stand is specially designed for easy assembly of stand-alone spotlights for theatres, auditoriums, stages, etc. on the floor or raised places. It allows the lighting of specific areas without the need of other more complex or bulky structures or stands, and without blocking the view of the audience.

Its round base (Ø 30 cm) made of injection moulded rubber and a metallic core, offers great stability and durability and avoids any damage to the surface it is placed on. It is supplied complete with a metallic ergonomic knob to secure the light fixtures to the M10x30 threaded bolt.

These are perfect to be used on drum risers or keyboard platforms. They are an indispensable product for exhibitions and theatres as the FC-01 is so discreet and easy to use and move around.

To maximize its functionality, we manufacture adapters that allow you to place two lights (ref. FCA-01) and even four lights (ref. FCA-02) on the FC-01 floor stand.


Maximum load capacity: 50 kg
Footprint: Ø 30 cm
Mounting Height: 6 cm
Colour: Black
Material: Injected rubber and steel
Net Weight: 2,30 kg


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