Guil FLD-01

95 kr

Adapter för att fästa kjolar på scenpodier

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Adaptor, quickly and easily installed, that allows you to attach any type of wood panel or other skirting to all our platform models and DJ tables.

This practical adaptor slides inside the platform frame rail, avoiding the need of sticking Velcro to the deck. We can place the skirting at any place of the platform and it will be secured using a metallic ergonomic chromed knob.

Sometimes you need to use a skirting that isn’t made of fabric and due to its heavy weight, it couldn’t be attached using Velcro, but with our FLD-01 adaptor both lightweight (fabric, canvas etc.) and heavy-weight (methacrylate, wooden panels, metal sheets etc.) skirting can be used.

Our adaptor for skirting ref. FLD-01 is a very practical, strong, secure, multipurpose and attractive system.

It is a perfect option to fix closure panels between the different levels of a seated riser, avoiding the chairs from slipping between platforms levels and at the same time creating a seated riser with a finished and professional appearance.


Colour: Chromed
Material: Metallic
Net Weight: 9 g


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