Guil GF-06

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Hakfäste i aluminium

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Professional lighting clamp specially designed for the theatre industry. It combines strength and durability with a high level of safety.

Its special design, allows to use this sturdy clamp with round and also square tubes with an external diameter from 28 to 50 mm.

Its lower part is fitted with a spigot that is attached to the light so there is no need to detach the clamp from the tube or truss to remove the light.

Our reinforced clamp for theatres ref. GF-06 comes with double safety lock using a securing knob and pressure screw.

Production method: Injection moulded aluminium with a special black anti-scratch paint finish.


Maximum Load: 50 kg
For square tubes: 28 a 50 mm
For round tubes: Ø 28 a 50 mm
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black
Peso Neto: 0.48 kg


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