Guil MX-431/L

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Mixerstativ, med hjul, enkelt att vinkla


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– Heavy duty easy tilt stand designed to transfer mixing consoles from vertical to the horizontal working position quickly and easily.
– The arms of these sturdy console stands are covered with aluminium mounting plates for safe and easy flightcase sliding, which at the same time, prevent possible damage while the console is being set up or used.
– Thanks to its unique hinge design, which has a self lubricating internal roller system, it can be opened and folded very smoothly. Ref. MX-431/L has a wider hinge system so it can hold mixers of a greater size.
– These practical models are fully foldable, lightweight and include two non-marring wheels (Ø 100 mm) to ensure easy handling.
– The mixer stands are manufactured in steel and finished in a black powder, anti-scratch coating to guarantee maximum resistance.

Measurements: 133 cm (deep) x 138 cm (wide) x 78 cm (high)
Maximum Load: 350 kg
Net Weight: 33 kg
Folded Dimensions: 140 x 23 x 92 cm
Colour: Black
Wheels: Ø 100 mm
Material: Steel


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