Guil PST-11

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Stolpe med utdragbart rött avspärrningsband 3m


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Stainless steel barrier system with 3 m red retractable belt designed as a public guidance system or for dividing or cordoning off spaces.

GUIL Stainless steel post can be used both indoors and in covered exteriors. They are the perfect solution for an effective customer guidance or queue control in public places such as: events, airports, banks, hotels, conferences, shopping centres, schools, assembly lines, etc.

The PST-11 post with a 3-metre red retractable belt and stylish new base design, has four-way connectivity; 3 receiving points and the outgoing belt. It has a blocking system to help prevent unauthorized removal of belt.

They can be set up in any configuration; link posts together to form any length barrier. GUIL Barriers give the flexibility to create the optimum pedestrian flow; making public guidance easy. Its 3 meters of red belt can be extended and attached to:

– Another barrier post to form any length barrier.
– A wall head piece (ref. PST-CB/P) to limit access.
– A wall connector (ref. PST-CB/PL) to start a straight line of barrier posts.

Its special design with an interchangeable head allows a single post to be used for different barrier options; just changing the head piece with red belt for the one with black belt (ref. PST-CB/2) or the stylish 4-way head to connect plaited rope (ref. PST-CB/M). This special system allows you to cut down on costs and save on storage space. Likewise, if you need to replace any of its components, they can be ordered independently (base, pole, head). You will not have to buy a new post!

Our retractable belt barrier posts are the perfect option for regulating and controlling the flow of the public, protecting from any type of exposure, signalling, separating, marking out and cordoning off spaces.


Overall Height: 90,5 cm
Base: Ø 35 cm (Stainless steel & with rubber protective underside)
Pole: Ø 5 cm (Stainless steel)
Belt: 3 m. Red colour
Net Weight: 8,90 kg
Material: Stainless steel


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