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Stainless steel retractable barrier specially designed to be screwed to the wall. Includes a 3 m black retractable belt and a wall connector Ref. PST-CB/PL (fixtures included).

Our retractable belt wall mount is the perfect option to limiting access to a doorway or corridor, or to starting a straight line of barrier posts.

Once it is screwed to a wall, the 3 meters of black belt can be extended and its ending secured, attaching it to:

– A barrier post
– Another wall head piece
– The wall connector (ref. PST-CB/PL, included with every PST-CB/P)

This useful retractable belt wall mount is made from stainless steel in order to be used both indoors and in covered exteriors. It has a blocking system to stop the belt from being removed by accident.


Belt Colour: Black
Length: 3 m
Net Weight: 0.40 kg
Material: Stainless steel


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