Guil RMP-01

8 695 kr

Ramp kit för att göra ramper till TM440 eller TM440XL podier

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In order to optimise costs, time, storage and transport space, GUIL offers the possibility of making ramps using the standard TM440, TM300 or TM440XL platforms and the Ramp Kit Ref. RMP-01.

Our stage ramps can be assembled in many configurations; its modular design allows you to set up ramps of different heights and angles to reach the gradient required. Contact our technical department to discuss your specific ramp needs.

GUIL Stage Ramps consist of two basic elements:

– Standard TM440, TM300 or TM440XL Decks with adjustable legs and connectors (as many units as necessary to set the ramp length and angle requested). Note: The platforms that form the ramp must be joined using the connectors that are supplied with the platforms.

– RMP-01 Ramp kit for stages of 80 to 120 cm high (other measurements on request), includes:
* 1 x 0.4 m Aluminium diamond plate starter ramp. Net weight: 6.5 Kg.
* Two frame clamp connectors made in stainless steel ref. TMU-02. Net weight: 0.66 Kg / 2 units.
* Two fixed aluminium legs (50 x 50 mm) for the platform that is located next to the diamond plate starter ramp.
* Net weight: 0.28 Kg / 2 units.
* Two special telescopic, angle adjustable aluminium legs for the platform that is located next to the stage. Net weight: 5.64 Kg / 2 units.

This practical ramp kit to make ramps with GUIL platforms has a total net weight of 13 Kg.


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