Guil SLL-01

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Ergonomisk orkesterstol med justerbar sits och ryggstöd

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Orchestra chair with adjustable seat and backrest, specially designed to answer the functional, aesthetic and comfort needs of orchestra musicians.

The ergonomic and totally adjustable design of the chair guarantees maximum comfort and gives musicians improved blood circulation to the legs, reducing the risk of leg cramps.

To be adjusted to all sitting positions the SLL-01 Orchestra Chair has two independent adjusting mechanisms:
– Backrest adjustable in angle (tilting). It is also removable, adjustable in height, and automatically pivots to adapt to each user’s unique posture (removable design)
– Seat adjustable in angle (tilting 8º)

GUIL Musician chairs are covered with breathable material which allows maximum moisture evaporation. The fabric is also flame-retardant (M1/Class 1), according the UNE-EN 1021-1 and UNE-EN 1021-2 standards.

Our SLL-01 orchestra chairs are manufactured in sturdy steel (Ø 25 mm) coated with black, anti-scratch paint for maximum durability and a great appearance. Their legs are equipped with articulated, non-slip foot pads to guarantee maximum stability and prevent damage to the floor.

Thanks to their special stacking design the SLL-01 chairs are easily moved around and stored. GUIL has developed a trolley for easy handling and manoeuvrability of our orchestra chairs, ref. CRO-14. This trolley has a capacity of up to 10 Chairs. It has a special design that lets it rotate on its own axis (360º), allowing to be turned around in small spaces and making it easily manoeuvrable for a single person.

SLL-01 Ergonomic orchestra chairs combine an elegant design with superior comfort, durability and stability.


Seat Height: 52 cm
Seat Dimensions: 49 x 46 x 6 cm (Adjustable in angle)
Backrest Height: 70 cm – 88 cm (Adjustable)
Backrest Dimensions: 46 x 26 x 4 cm (Adjustable in angle and pivoting)
Adjustable: Yes
Net Weight: 10.2 kg
Colour: Black
Material: Steel & Flame-retardant fabric (M1)


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