Guil SX-03

235 kr

Alt/Tenor saxofonstativ med adapter för annat blåsinstrument

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Folding stand for Alto and Tenor Saxophones with a removable wind instrument stand adaptor. All the stand contact points are covered with foam pads to protect the saxo.

The SX-03 stand is height adjustable and has a second smaller support bracket with two settings for a perfect saxophone positioning.

The wind instrument stand adaptor (for flute, trumpet or clarinet) has a solid wooden peg of Ø 16 mm that is covered with black velvet to protect the instrument.

It is especially suitable for live performances, for musicians that play more than one instrument and need to change from one instrument to another quickly without the risk of damaging them. Nevertheless, it is also useful for recording studios, class rooms and rehearsal rooms.

The saxo stand is manufactured in steel and finished with black, anti-scratch paint for maximum durability. Its legs have non-slip stoppers for a better grip to the floor.


Maximum Height: 43 cm
Net Weight: 0,97 kg
Footprint Diameter: Ø 54 cm
Folded Dimensions: 16 x 39 x 12 cm
Colour: Black
Material: Steel


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