Guil TMD-543/8

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Modulärt trosstorn, 400kg, upp till 8,4m med manuell vinch


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Strengthened modular tower composed of four square truss sections (300 x 300 mm) and designed to lift up to 400 kg (881.95 lb) to a maximum of 8.39 metres (27′ 6.31″).

Safety system
This tower is equipped with a special Zip/Trigger safety system, consisting of metal plates welded to the mast trusses, thanks to which, in the extreme case of cable breakage the safety trigger (in the sleeve block) would automatically slide into the next slot, blocking the load and stopping it from falling (preventing any displacement).
TMD-543 is equipped with a BULL500/2 brake winch (with two crank handles) and automatic braking system.

The TMD-543 modular tower complies with current safety standards: BGV C1 2006/42/CE, DIN 56921-11, DIN 4113-2, DIN 4112 guaranteeing maximum safety and durability, complying with the lightweight, sturdiness and manoeuvrability requirements needed to lift heavy loads.

Modular mast section
This structure is made out of reinforced square sections of 300 mm x 300 mm truss (11.81″ x 11.81″) – Ø 50 tubes x 2.5 mm thick (Ø1.97 x 0.10″).

GUIL truss is manufactured from extruded aluminium tubes (Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6, according to norm UNE-EN 573), are TIG welded (continuous cord) and have a special polished finish for maximum durability and an unbeatable appearance. All sections are fitted with inner braces to reinforce them against bending and deformations. The different sections are joined together by conical couplers female with spigots and safety “R”-springs, which guarantee maximum safety and durability allowing a fast and easy set-up.

Note: Due to its modular design, these towers can be assembled with different truss configurations. Contact our technical department for further information.

Sleeve block
The TMD-543 tower is equipped with a three-sided sleeve block (Ref. CRR-543), made in steel (ST52-3, DIN-2393) and finished with baked on powder coating of textured, non-scratch, anthracite grey paint, specially made for outdoor use. The sleeve block has the function of connecting the rigging truss to the tower. It is guided up and down the truss mast by eight nylon rollers for a smooth sliding.

With the following adaptors this tower can be used with these rigging trusses:
Ref. 543-ATQ for square truss 300 x 300 mm (11.81 x 11.81″)
Ref. 543-ATR for rectangular truss 660 x 400 mm (2’1.98″ x 1’3.75″)
Ref. 543-ATA/500 for stackable truss 500 x 500 mm (1’7.69″ x 1’7.69″)
Note: adaptors not included

Base section
The compact base, manufactured in reinforced steel and finished in a textured powder coating (Epoxy) for outdoor use, is equipped with:
– Four heavy duty, swivel castors (Ø 100 mm / 3.94″), ref. RDA-08, to make its handling and moving much easier.
– The four long outriggers, manufactured with reinforced steel, are provided with four leveller screw jacks with aluminium spin handles (ergonomic design) and double thread and speed to facilitate the levelling task. Their non-slip foot plates ensure a perfect adjustment of the tower to the any surface.
Note: Aluminium stabilising braces available on request (not included)

Technical details
1. Double-handled winch with an automatic brake system and double-speed, to ease handling and guarantee maximum safety.
2. 6 mm (0.24″) thick, non-rotating, steel rope specially made for lifting heavy loads (DIN 3060).
3. Double re-send cable.
4. Steel made, three-sided sleeve block, baked on powder coating in textured, non-scratch, anthracite grey paint.
5. The rollers to guide the tower sections into the sleeveblock are made of nylon so that the towers slide perfectly into place and thus protecting the trusses.
6. Compact base: 98 x 57 cm (3’2.58″ x 1’10.44″) (including the two-handled winch).
7. Trigger safety system to secure the load in the unlikely case of cable breakage.
8. Pulleys with bearings for the steel rope to go through.
9. Base fitted with four swivel heavy-duty castors (Ø 100 mm / 3.94″).
10. Double speed, screw jack levellers with aluminium spin handles and injected rubber discs to ensure a perfect surface adjustment.
11. Two metre aluminium braces with aluminium couplers to stabilise and reinforce the structure (sold separately).
12. Mounted hinge-set for a practical and quick lifting and dismantling of the tower.
13. Spirit level for an accurate vertical adjustment of the tower.


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